Friday, February 5, 2010

French manicure / nail extensions for men?

Yay or Nay. If nay, why not? Should social convention dictate what we wear/how we present ourselves, or should we continually strive to challenge/change conventions?French manicure / nail extensions for men?
It'll probably never catch on as a mainstream thing but that shouldn't matter. I wear fake nails myself sometimes and have them painted black or dark shades of blue or purple and I'm a straight guy. I wore them out of curiosity at first. It's not for attention but I like the way it looks. I obviously I will get a lot of looks especailly with something as bold as fake black nails. Yesterday I was having lunch at a cafe and some girls across from me were staring at my nails...a lot.French manicure / nail extensions for men?
ew noo way

im not homophobic or against men wearing abit of concealer/eyeliner, my brothers a gay hair stylist lol!


long nails or fake nails on men would look wrong on SO many levels.

go for it if you dont mind people talking about you behind your back/in the street ';omg wtf did that man have false nails on?!';

it'd just look so weird.
If a guy wants his nails to look pretty..Why not? Psh. There isn't anything wrong with a guy goin' in and getting a manicure and whatnot.

I know guy(Course, He was gay, and wore make up, and carried a purse.) who wore acrylics. He was pretty cool person, which actually the nails didn't look 'wrong on so many levels'.
I didn't feel the NEED to ask people.. I was bored :) and have never done it before.. so i thought it would be interesting and it's suuuper funny that I'm super skinny and people think I look big lol. but thanks for your opinion cause it was really nice, I mean it :)
I think that's kinda pushing it.

I would think that was weird if I saw it, though I wouldn't comment.

I wouldn't challenge conventions that way.
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    1. I'd really like it.
      Actually, depending on the person who get it.